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There is much to be known about the water our bodies require. The single most important fact is that our bodies require absolutely untainted water.

There is no bio-available water in beverages.  Why?, because it is bound water. The water in beverages is useful only as a vehicle of nutritive delivery and for the production of urine.  The inference that there is water in beverages is scientifically inaccurate.  The liquid in fruits, juices, and beverages is technically defined as aqueous solutions; if that liquid is thin and clear and virtually tasteless - a low density aqueous solution.

            Technically considered a single ion of a chemical in water is all that is required to no longer qualify it as water but as a low density aqueous solution..

            The average person would think that the difference is negligible.  But the body is designed in such a manner that the difference is a matter of life or death.  The cell rejects water that contains even a single ion of any chemical opting for temporary dehydration over chemical contamination; which, of course, would result in death.

            Bearing these facts in mind let us consider the water we ingest.  WHAT WE ARE DRINKING IS NOT WATER.  Tap water is loaded with chlorine, fluorine, bromides, iodides, rubidium, magnesium, aluminum, phosphates, etc. Bottled waters frequently tout the additives the manufacturer believes distinguishes his product.  Well water is full of calcium, calcite and carbonates until the body strips away the carbon dioxide, at which time those minerals precipitate out in your skeletal system as arthritis.  While we have always presumed that rainwater is pure water; it, unfortunately is not.  A raindrop, spawned in a thundercloud, becomes a low density aqueous solution of jet fuel, auto emissions, industrial pollutants, etc.

Given, that the above statements are true, one must conclude that little if any biologically available water exists on the planet.  That assumption is absolutely correct.

            Now, the plot thickens.   Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel Laureate, 1912 said:  "The cell is immortal.  It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degrades.  Replace the fluid, and give it what it needs for food; and the pulse of life will go on forever".

            Replacing that fluid is the critical issue here.   First, the water which must be replaced is not H2O, but H12O6.  That is six molecules of H2O on a hydrogen ring specifically characterized as life structured water.  This is the kind of water we are born with but which becomes unstructured from drinking coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol.

            Paradoxically,  the drying of the cells is signified by bloating.  Here's why.    As vital water is lost from the cell, emergency reserves, equal in volume to the amount needed to restore homeostasis is retained.  This  unstructured, damaged and often chemicalized fluid puddles outside cell but is not admitted because, first, it is not life structured and  secondly it's not water but an aqueous solution, which the body does not recognize as, or accept as water due to its chemical content.  As dehydration progresses more and more fluid is held as emergency ration thereby contributing to an ever increasing volume resulting in continual bloating and the appearance of premature aging.

            While bloating and aging impugn our vanity, they are but the tip of the iceberg.  They typify the descent into chronic body drought which may be indicated by any number of conditions.  The most common of which, is popularly referred to as diabetes, which in fact is a fight between the brain and the body for water.  The passage of water through the membrane of the cerebral cortex generates the hydroelectric power that the brain requires for its operation.  When it stores of water is jeopardized by body drought the brain employs strategies to sequester all available water for its use.  In this fight, the brain is a ruthless contender.  To achieve this diversion, the brain first suspends the production of insulin, a water management tool, in order to stop the movement of all water in what it considers to be the nonessential parts of the body (voluntary muscles and limbs).  At that point one is technically diabetic. Since water can move from cell to cell only while insulin is being routinely produced, water becomes trapped.  If life structured water in ingested in sufficient amounts, the insulin will again be routinely produced and the person would no longer be diabetic.  Failing to do so, the trapped water will begin to putrify causing the condition called gangrene. Hence the inseparable connection between diabetes and gangrene. Next, the brain enables a supply line to deliver the requisite water by secreting vasopressin into the blood thereby raising the blood pressure.  When vasopressin receptors on the brain, nerves and vital organs sense vasopressin in the blood, they turn into showerheads through which water is squeezed from the plasma of the blood directly into the brain nerves and vital organs as a survival mechanism.  While medicants ignorantly refers to high blood pressure as a disease, it is in fact natural life support for a "diabetic" body.  Without "high blood pressure" a diabetic would die immediately.

            Simply replenishing the supply of life structured water would restore wellness.  Few doctors are aware that the "diseases" they "diagnose" are in fact indications of body drought, so they try vainly to "cure" these conditions with chemicals.  Extended periods of such misdirected care allow symptomatic conditions to become diseases.

            While the medical establishment may not know why, the do know that Altzheimer's disease has been determined to be the result of extreme puddling outside the brain by the water intended to replenish it, but failing to be admitted, collects in such quantities as to exert pressure to the extent that it compresses and debilitates the brain.  Doctors have placed shunts between the cranium and the stomach to drain off  the excess pressure and  report that cognitive ability is thereby restored. While this mechanistic approach is commendable there is a scientifically elegant alternative: the ingestion of  bio-available life structured water.  Upon so doing, the free and active, useful water

achieves homeodilution,  the successful restoration of water to drought-stressed cells and thereby satisfying the need for which the retained water was intended.  Once no longer needed, the offending water is promptly dumped.. This naturalesque approach renders the mechanistic approach unnecessarily and undesirably invasive and dangerous..


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